No longer any asbestos!


An adventure you'll never forget

Visit The Dungeon Experience! A thrilling world of high fantasy run by me, a level 1 mud-crab turned entrepreneur. Put your real world responsibilities on hold with a guided adventure! Or work for us, we're hiring!

A legend begins!

Explore the depths of our Dungeon and uncover the mystery of the great elimosphere that has spread corruption throughout the realm. Also a little footnote here, the corruption is not from the asbestos, we listened to your feedback, it is all gone now, so please stop leaving negative reviews.


Also I watched a few videos on Dan Harmons story circle, re-jigged the story a bit, so look forward to that.


What people say!


Ruth Park

“I thought the Dungeon Experience was a joke till I saw
my best friend of 10 years get his head crushed by a boulder.”


Colin Morty

“The scrambled eggs were a little over done, I keep
saying I won’t come back but it’s just so convenient.”


James Doherty

“I’ve never feared for my life like in the Dungeon Experience”