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Press Kit

Fact Sheet

Dungeon Experience

First person storey explorey

Planned release date

Upon the four moons of Xogris align and the Messiah Khidrius returns. (N/A)


Jacob Janerka, Simon Boxer, Bone Assembly


Dmitri Golovko




A man I once met in the forest, he just put his finger to my lips to shoosh me, and then gave me the budget for the game



Previous Games

Jacob Janerka
Paradigm - Solo Developer

Seinfeld Game Pitch - Co-creator

Simon Boxer

Ring of Pain - Lead

Other Art Credits

Stanley Parable, Armello



An adventure you'll never forget

Visit The Dungeon Experience! A thrilling world of high fantasy run by me, a level 1 mud-crab turned entrepreneur. Put your real world responsibilities on hold with a first-person guided adventure! Or work for us, we're hiring!

A legend begins!

Explore the depths of our Dungeon and uncover the mystery of the great elimosphere that has spread corruption throughout the realm. Also a little footnote here, the corruption is not from the asbestos, we listened to your feedback, it is all gone now, so please stop leaving negative reviews.


Also I watched a few videos on Dan Harmons story circle, re-jigged the story a bit, so look forward to that.


Who and why?

The Dungeon Experience is being developed by Jacob Janerka and Simon Boxer. Jacob is best known as the developer of Paradigm and the Seinfeld game pitch, and Simon Boxer is an indie veteran and studio director, who recently released the popular roguelike card crawler, Ring of Pain.

The original idea was inspired by games like Firewatch, Gone Home, Life is Strange, Stanley Parable and playing Dungeon and Dragons. These games often had some guiding voice over, specifically Stanley Parable and Firewatch. We imagined what it would be like if you instead had a Dungeon Master who while trying their best, lacked the budget and skills to deliver a polished experience.

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